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Hydropool is one of the largest swim spa producers in the world devoted to producing the perfect swim. The spa also has been developed to adapt to all of your fitness needs with a cross training program to boost your health to new heights. The long history of producing these spas has allowed many advances across the line. They have developed a spa that has an extremely energy efficient output, an amazing filtration system that can filtrate 100% of the water every 40 min (which is extremely important with a larger volume water spa), and a quality product with an industry leading guarantee. This has set Hydropool apart from the rest and is a big reason why professional sports teams, such as the New York Rangers, New York Knicks, and Toronto Maple Leafs have chosen Hydropool. Come in and let us get you enjoying your new family fun swim spa. 

12ft AquaPlay / AquaSport
93" x 150" 49"
1489 Gallons
Seats 2-3
14ft AquaSport / AquaTrainer
174" x 93" x 48.75"
1727 Gallons
17 ft Aqua Sport / AquaTrainer
210" x 93" x 48.75"
2182 Gallons
19 ft  AquaSport / AquaTrainer
220" x 93" x 52.75"
2378 Gallons
19 ft. DTFX AquaSport / AquaTrainer
226" x 93" x 52.75"
2076 Gallons
16 ft AquaSport / AquaTrainer
​186" x 93" x 48.75"
1,944 Gallons

Worlds Only Self Cleaning Swim Spa!!!